FastFx is a 100% natural, medically based meal replacement for


FastFx is a delicious smoothie designed to replace a meal.

  • Additives or Preservatives
  • Refined Sugars
  • Artificial Sweeteners or Stevia
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • High in Carbs, Fat & Calories
  • 21 Organic Vitamins & Minerals
  • High in Plant based Protein
  • High in Fibre
  • High in slow release Energy
  • High in Amino Acids
  • High source of Pre Biotics

Just the goodness you need to fuel your body while boosting your energy & metabolism for rapid, safe, weight loss. Used extensively by patients with obesity related diseases for pre and post-surgery procedures and a very effective way to help support ongoing dietary weight management.

Containing no allergens FasFx is also suitable for anyone wanting to lose weight quickly.

How Is FastFx Different?

Dr Alasdair Patrick

Unlike all other Meal Replacement products on the market, FastFx is New Zealand made.


Here is our story…

The formula was developed by a leading Gastroenterologist who wanted to give his patients with obesity related health problems, a natural, additive free, NZ made, Meal Replacement to help them lose weight – a product Kiwis could trust.

Dr Alasdair Patrick is a Gastroenterologist in Auckland, New Zealand.  Whilst working as the Director of the largest private Gastroenterology Clinic (MacMurray Centre) and Head of the largest public Gastroenterology Department in New Zealand, (Middlemore Hospital),  Dr Patrick saw an epidemic of weight related health problems – (with over 66% of Kiwis classified as being overweight) – and he saw the negative impact that excess weight has on health – including High Blood Pressure, Reflux, Type Two Diabetes, Gallbladder Disease, Joint and Sleep problems, Fatty Liver and Heart Disease.

He saw patient after patient trying but failing to lose weight with traditional dieting. He also became concerned with products available on the market claiming to be effective – products with little or no science behind them, products that contained artificial and synthetic products, full of preservatives, fillers, or sweeteners and products that were made overseas by large, multinational companies.

He decided to do something about it.  So he assembled a dedicated team of multi-disciplined experts, including Nutrition production specialists, Dietitians and Psychologists and together they developed FastFx – an all natural, plant based Meal Replacement for fast, safe, weight loss and the treatment of related health problems.


When setting about creating FastFx Dr Patrick had several criteria:

It had to be Plant based

With more than 65% of the population being Lactose Intolerant (and many not even realising it), it was absolutely essential that FastFx was made from dairy free ingredients. Too many of Dr Patrick’s patients were using products like Optifast or Optislim, both of which have a dairy base. They were suffering from upset guts, constipation and/or diarrhoea. By using pea protein instead of traditional whey protein or milk powder which are the mainstay ingredients used most widely, Dr Patrick and his team were in many cases able to totally eliminate the physiological complications caused by varying levels of intolerance to dairy based foods, making FastFx vegan –  a product which is much gentler on the digestive system, and especially important when used for an extended time.


It had to be All Natural

Most of the major weight loss products on the market contain artificial flavours, colouring, sweeteners, anti-caking agents or preservatives.  When you are required to repetitively use a specific food product to replace an entire meal, the impact of chemicals and preservatives can be very significant, and you need to be absolutely confident that every ingredient is good for you and will provide all the essentials that the body needs.  Dr Patrick insisted that FastFx contain absolutely nothing artificial.

It had to be based on robust Clinical Science

Many of the weight loss products on the market are not based on strong science.  Fancy instagram ads and a celebrity endorsement may seem convincing – but it does not mean that a product is based on sound medicine.  Dr Patrick insisted that every ingredient that was included in FastFx had to be backed up by vigorous science.  

The medical fraternity’s understanding of the mechanisms of weight loss, metabolism and the digestive tract has grown immensely in recent years.  New products have recently been found to dampen hunger, fuel metabolism and certain forms of vitamins and minerals have been proven to help efficiently sustain the body as it loses weight.  Dr Patrick used these new understandings to guide every one of FastFx’s ingredient choices.


It had to use natural Vitamins and Minerals

Dr Patrick is passionate about only putting good, natural, chemical free things into our body.  That’s why for FastFx the product development team have specifically sourced the highest quality natural vitamins and minerals that come straight from a selected blend of organic vegetables, seeds, and algae.

It had to be made in New Zealand

FastFx is proudly manufactured in New Zealand, where it is blended and packed using state of the art production machinery with uncompromising attention to quality and care.  It uses minimal packaging and is shipped in recyclable boxes.

Dr Patrick is proud of what he and his team have achieved in developing the FastFx product range. It is gratifying to see the results being attained in medical trials and the positive impacts of fast results being achieved by patients.

He is excited about everything that they’ve put in it, and everything they’ve kept out. 

A medical product designed by a Kiwi Doctor, that Kiwi’s can trust.

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