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A compact glass bottle, perfect for keeping the water up while you lose the weight

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Ditch the plastic water bottle for a stylish FastFx glass bottle!  A sleek, tempered glass bottle with a frosted finish.  Ideal for keeping the fluids up while on the FastFx programme.   We recommend you try and drink 2 litres of water a day.  Water flushes out your system, hydrates your body and at the same time will help to keep you feeling full for a little longer.


Or, blend your FastFx smoothie at home, then pop it in the bottle and take it to work.  Because FastFx is made from all natural ingredients, it will seperate a little, so give it a good shake before drinking and drink within 4 hours of mixing. Try mixing with cold water from the fridge or add a few ice cubes during hot weather.


Top Tip – each time you drink from your Bottle remind yourself of your own personal WHY you are doing this !