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This will depend on how heavy you are to begin with and how many meals you replace. Our research suggests that if you replace all 3 meals each day, you could expect to lose 2-4 kilos per week. Replacing 2 meals could see you losing 1.5-3 kilos per week.

Remember, if you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for, watch for hidden calories. Coffees with milk, alcohol and carbohydrates, creamy dressings and oil in your other meals could be sabotaging your weight loss.

You might see a slight plateau after a few weeks. Don’t be discouraged. Weight loss can be more dramatic at the beginning and then naturally slow down as you get closer to your goal weight. Keep at it, because the weight will continue to drop off.

The great advantage of the FastFx programme is its flexibility. You can replace just 1 meal a day,  2 meals a day or you can replace all 3 meals a day with FastFx.
The more meals you replace with FastFx the quicker your weight loss will be, but choosing how many and which meals to replace is totally up to you and your weight loss goals. The majority of our customers chose to replace 2 meals a day with FastFx and eat a healthy meal in the evening.  By replacing 2 meals a day you could expect to see 1-2 kilos of weight loss per week (as long as you’re careful with what you eat the rest of the time). If you have a lot of weight to lose, or you are focusing on losing weight for an up and coming event and want to lose it fast, then you can replace all 3 meals.  This requires the most commitment but is where you will experience the greatest success.
If you only replace 1-2 meals a day with FastFx then it is important that you eat mindfully for the other meals.  Remember that weight loss will only occur if you keep your other calories low.

If you are eating lunch or dinner, then try and keep it high protein (a piece of lean beef or chicken) and low carbs, with a large salad or low starch steamed vegetables (eg beans, broccoli, carrots etc).

Carbohydrates (such as pasta, rice, bread), can cause weight gain because of our tendency to overeat them.  Obviously some are fine, but the key would be to try and keep these to a minimum.  Protein, on the other hand, helps build muscle (which fuels your metabolism) and you are also less likely to overeat protein.   A big serving of non-starchy vegetables will also help to fuel your body and can help fill you up while being low in calories.

A piece of grilled chicken, with a large serving of broccoli, courgettes, beans, cauliflower, stir-fried with garlic and lemon juice, for example, could be an excellent dinner.

Replace oils and sauces with calorie-free herbs and spices to keep it interesting and tasty

If you are replacing all 3 meals a day, then you may also eat 2 cups of low starch vegetables and 1 tsp of oil.
Aubergine, Asparagus, Bean Sprouts, Beans (green), Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts,
Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Courgettes, Cucumber, Lettuce, Kale, Mushrooms,
Onions, Radish, Silver Beet, Snow Peas, Spinach, Tomatoes
Kumara, Legumes, Lentils, Peas (green), Potato, Parsnip, Turnip,

Because FastFx contains absolutely everything your body needs, you can replace all three meals for as long as you like. Once you have reached your weight goal you can reduce to fewer meals per day for maintenance.

FastFx replaces your normal meals with a low carbohydrate smoothie while still delivering a nutritionally balanced meal. This provides sufficient daily protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals for fast, safe, effective weight loss. By strictly controlling your carbohydrate intake your body goes into Ketosis and the fat burning begins.

Ketosis is a metabolic process that occurs when your calorie intake drops below a certain level, and your body begins to burn fat reserves. During this process the liver produces chemicals called ketones.  These help the body to burn fat and releases a hormone to your brain that helps turn off hunger signals.  Ketosis is the ultimate zone for weight loss and can be very difficult to get into with normal dieting alone. FastFx is carefully formulated to put your body into ketosis quicker.


There is a difference between a “Keto diet” and putting your body into “ketosis”.  A Keto diet is very low in carbohydrates but high fat.  Ketosis is different.  Both words sound similar, but are, in fact, different.


FastFx is not a keto diet, but it will get your body into ketosis.


We actually don’t recommend a strictly keto diet because we don’t see great medical support for a high fat diet and, when taken too extreme, keto can be unhealthy.


We think that a more balanced and healthier approach is to reduce overall calories, replacing nutrient poor calories with nutrient high calories.  FastFx has enough energy (carbs) to give you the fuel you need to get through the day and not to turn your metabolism sluggish, but is very low in fats and has no refined sugars.  This means that your body will go into ketosis after a few days and the real fat burning will start to happen.

We do know that it is slightly tricky to blend. This is mainly because it is all natural. Many other powdered drinks contain anti-caking products to help the powder dissolve, but we really wanted to keep it all natural, so, sorry, but a little bit more work is required.

Using a blender is the easiest way to blend your smoothie, and it also slightly aerates it, which gives it a lovely smooth texture.

Our flavour profiles have been designed to have subtle flavours. They are intentionally not overly sweet and with muted tones. There are several reasons for this.

Because the ingredients in FastFx are all natural, the flavour intensity is less than that of synthetic flavourings.

Also, other Meal Replacements on the market have very artificial, sweet, ‘milkshake’ type flavours. After a few days it becomes very difficult to drink these intense flavours. We have found that, generally, people find a more subtle flavour more palatable over a longer period of time.

Another reason for our subtle flavour is that flavours, even natural ones, contain calories. The more flavour we add, the more calories, and, ultimately, the less weight loss.

We are also passionate about helping people recondition their taste buds. As a culture we have become very used to intense, artificial, sweet, flavourings. We believe that having a more subtle flavour helps to change the bodies dependency on sweet things. This will help towards reconditioning the body’s expectations when you return to a normal diet.

This is personal preference of course, but most people like about 350ml of water per serve (3 scoops).  If you prefer a thinner drink, then it’s no problem to add more liquid.  We think using very cold water or milk tastes best.

You have the choice of mixing it with just water, or using 50/50 water and trim milk (or dairy free milk). This is totally up to you and your weight loss goals. Adding the milk will give you a bit more energy and fill you up a bit more, but will add more calories, so also slow down the weight loss slightly. Our suggestion is, if you can, just mix it with water. This will provide maximum weight loss.

On days when you might be struggling more for energy, try changing to a 50:50 mix of water and skimmed milk, (or almond or soy etc). Just remember it will increase the calorie count slightly.

Water is by far the best thing you can drink (about 2 litres a day is best). It really helps to fill you up. If you’re feeling hungry then try a large glass of water. Water also helps energise muscles, hydrate your skin, flush your kidneys and your digestive system, so it’s important to drink as much water as you can.

If you find drinking 2 litres difficult, try Sparkling Water, or add lemon, cucumber or a strawberry to your water bottle.

You can also drink Sugar Free drinks. Diet or Sugar free Fizzy drinks are fine.

Try and stay away from Juices (which are very high in sugar), Milk (milk in your coffee can be a hidden trap), and wine, beer and spirits.

If you do have to drink alcohol, your lowest calorie option is spirits with sugar free mixers (eg Gin and diet tonic). Dry white wine and champagne are the next lowest calorie alcoholic drinks.

Yes, but try to have them with no milk or sugar. Milky coffee can be a real trap for weight loss. In fact, a Starbucks Latte contains 230 calories!

Black coffee and tea are the best option.

For most people, the caffeine level in your body halves roughly every six hours. So that means 50 per cent of the caffeine from your cuppa at 4pm is still circulating in your system at bedtime.

Yes, we can deliver to a PO Box, as long as the box will fit.

Absolutely, just remember that most additions will increase the calories.

If you aren’t trying to lose a lot of weight, or if you are using FastFx as an easy, quick alternative to breakfast or lunch, then adding fruit to the mix can be a great way to introduce some variety.

If you simply want to change the taste up a little you also can add a teaspoon of cinnamon, honey, or milo.

Most researchers now agree that weight loss is mostly won and lost in what you eat. Exercise is crucial, but what you consume is the most important thing to concentrate on. If you are eating unhealthily it can be almost impossible to burn all the calories through exercise.

The FastFx programme will ensure that you are eating very low calories, so you’ve got that side covered.

But you can use exercise to really boost your weight loss. Obviously exercise burns calories, but it also builds muscle, which helps increase your metabolism. Exercise also releases endorphins and serotonin, which are hormones that help you feel great. Exercise also helps you feel more connected with your body. The better you feel, and the more in touch you are with your body, the more weight you will lose.

As a general guideline, we suggest moderate exercise for 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week, but it does all depend on your starting point.

If you are already exercising, awesome. Keep it up and make sure that every walk, gym session, and run really counts. Try and lift your heart rate as much as you can – choose exercise that will raise a sweat. Try and get 3 sessions of high intensity exercise in a week.

If exercise is new to you, or if you are very overweight, then our suggestion is simply to move more than you are now. Think about your day and try and move more. Go for a few short walks. Take the stairs instead of the lift, park your car in a carpark a little further away. Walk up and down the hallway while your waiting for the kettle to boil. Every extra step you take is extra calories you burn. Don’t be discouraged if you find exercising difficult to begin with. You are retraining your body and it can take time. If you have added just one extra step in today, then you are winning!

Our Pinterest page has some great posts with exercises you can do at home, so you could follow that to get some ideas

Most people report having great energy levels on FastFx despite the low calories. A few people however might feel a bit tired near the end of the day when they first start the programme. Here is why…

Our bodies are used to burning instant energy (the energy we get from sugars and carbs). When you start on the FastFx Meal Replacement, your body converts over to burn stored energy instead. It’s not used to it. If you feel a little tired it is your body complaining because it’s so used to burning the easy, readily accessible sugars and carbohydrates. When you start with FastFx your body will switch into fat burning mode. This is where you’re going to see your results. So, even if it is hard, we really encourage you to push through those first few days.

If you’re really struggling to get through the day we can suggest a few things. Try having all your meal replacements a little bit later in the day. Some people feel the best when they don’t have their breakfast smoothie until about 9 or 10, then have lunch at about 2. This makes it much easier to make it through to dinner without feeling tired or hungry.

If you’re still struggling, then you could add an extra FastFx smoothie.  Because it only has 204 calories, but contains slow release energy, it is a really great way to boost your energy without blowing out the calories.  Failing that, you could add a piece of fruit about 4pm to tide you over.

We know it’s hard, but we really encourage you to dig deep in these moments because you’ll begin to see real progress. Remind yourself that it’s your body transferring over to burn your fat reserves and we would expect in a few days you’ll begin to feel amazing.

If you are replacing all three meals a day and adding the 2 cups of low starch vegetables, then we recommend that you also add 1 tsp of Oil to the vegetables (Olive oil works well but if you prefer you can use another plant based oil that is low in saturated fats).
We recommend the extra oil because FastFx is very, very low in fat, which is great for your weight loss, but not consuming any fat can potentially leave you vulnerable to developing gallstones.  Rapid weight loss can cause your liver to release more cholesterol into the bile, which can lead to the formation of crystals.  These crystals can occasionally go on to develop into stones.  An active ingredient in Olive Oil reduces cholesterol in the gallbladder and therefore can help to stop gallstones forming.
The irony is that losing weight will help with gallbladder disease, but just make sure you add the small amount of extra olive oil within your diet if you are replacing all three meals with FastFx.
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Sorry, but we don’t offer returns if you’ve changed your mind or don’t like the product.  For more information on our returns and refund policy, please see

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If you wanted to return it because you didn’t like the taste then let’s talk about that.


We’ve designed FastFx to work – not to taste like a milkshake.  We know that customers would prefer to have a product that actually did what it claimed to do.  Don’t be fooled by products that taste too good to be true – they probably are.  They may be full of chemicals, artificial sweeteners and flavours, fat, sugar and dairy.


Given all the incredible ingredients we have put into FastFx, sometimes the first few sips are hard.  Our bodies are used to high fat, high sugar, high flavoured foods so something that is 100% healthy can be a bit of a shock.  DON’T GIVE UP.  Not only will it work, but you will come to love the taste.


You can make the first few days easier by adding;

  • very cold water or a handful of ice
  • more water or water & milk to suit your taste
  • half a banana or
  • some frozen berries or
  • teaspoon of vanilla or
  • half a teaspoon of cinnamon or
  • half a teaspoon of honey or natural sweetener or
  • teaspoon of instant coffee or milo


After a few days your body will transition and you will find you can remove the extras and drink the Smoothie as it is.

Ready to lose those extra inches?

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