A medically based meal replacement for

dramatic weight loss



Why choose FastFx?

FastFx is a 100% natural, medically based meal replacement for


A delicious smoothie that replaces empty calories with all you need to nourish your body while you lose weight.

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100% Natural
High In Amino Acids
Dairy & Gluten Free
21 Organic Vitamins & Minerals
High In Protein & Fibre
High In Prebiotics

Are you tired of YoYo Dieting?

Working hard but failing to see results?

FastFx can help – created by Doctors with carefully balanced natural ingredients, you can still care for your body and shed the weight. Designed and made in New Zealand by Gastroenterologists and Dietitians for a safe, effective way to kick start your weight loss. Unlike other programmes, FastFx is tailor made for Kiwis by Kiwis, in New Zealand.


How is FastFx different?

Unlike nearly all other Meal Replacement products on the market, FastFx is New Zealand made, using specially selected ingredients of the highest quality available.

Here is our story…

The formula was designed by a Gastroenterologist who wanted to give his patients with obesity related health problems, a natural, additive free, NZ made, Meal Replacement to help them lose weight – a product Kiwis could trust…

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Take Care of Yourself

Please consult your Doctor before taking FastFx if you are: Over 65 years, under 18 years, pregnant or lactating, or have an Eating Disorder.  As you lose weight your Doctor may need to reduce your medications – please consult regularly.

FastFx will be even more effective if combined with regular exercise.